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28 inch Mama doll (Yes, she is HUGE!)

Hard plastic head and shoulder plate, composition arms and legs, and cloth body.

When I got this doll off of eBay, I (and the seller) thought she was all composition with a cloth body. I took her to a local doll hospital to see if her "compo" face could be repainted, and was informed that her face was actually hard plastic, and that her bad complexion was just dirt that had acumulated over many years! The doll "Doctor" was kind enough to show me how to clean the doll's face, and she gave me doll teeth and gave me tips on how to put them in without taking the doll's head off. (which I could NOT do on my own!) Just look at those rosy cheeks. I think she is looking just beautiful, and next she needs her eyebrows painted back on (needs a professional, I don't want to try that myself!), and then she needs her hair fixed (which I am going to do myself!)
I'll put more pictures on as I continue working on her!

She is the "Shirley" on the left of the picture.

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