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Hysteric.. HISTORIC Williamsburg
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Saturday, September 8, 2001

Trixie Belden Convention 2001 -- Tweety's Page

Tweety by thw Williamsburg Ladies Restroom sign

Three Jens!!!!   Jennie, Jen C., and Jennifer N.

Misty and the Williamsburg guide, George Oliver Davis  (aka  G.O.D.)

Tweety meets G.O.D.

Molly meets G.O.D.

Barbara, Bonnie, Anne, Tweety, Heather, Claire (kneeling in front) G.O.D., Jen, Misty, Jenn, Molly, and Cynthia

George Washington gives a speech in the garden

I couldn't resist taking a picture of these flowers!

Standing in line for the shuttle to Colonial Williamsburg--Mark, Jen C., Bonnie, Tweety, Jennie, Jennifer N., Claire, and Cynthia

Jen C. and G.O.D.


Molly with a HEAVENLY smile!!

Mark and G.O.D.

Flowers lining the walkway to the garden

After the large group of Trixie Friends left the garden we split up into groups. I wanted to SHOP SHOP SHOP without much sightseeing involved so I took off on my own!!! (My family and I had toured Williamsburg together not long before so I'd already seen a lot of the sights.) I started out in Colonial Williamsburg and I soon branched out to the stores on the outskirts. I even made a trip to the Williamsburg library and picked up a few treasures at their book sale!!! I ended up getting a little bit lost and had to ask for help to get back to Colonial Williamsburg in time to catch a ride back to the hotel. (Don't tell anyone though!!!)

The Book House--a very popular place for Trixie fans, while I was there at least four different groups of Trixie friends came in to shop!!

A shot of Trixie friends in the hotel parking lot coming back from Williamsburg

Tweety with treasures from the Williamsburg Library  (Even found a book for Cynthia's collection!)

Another shot of the parking lot