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Trixie Belden Convention 2000--Tweety's Page
Friday Night-- Arrival and Book Auction


Friday Night-- Arrival and Book Auction
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I arrived at the Westchester Airport around 3:20 p.m., collected my two suitcases, (including one FULL of Trixie Belden books for that night's Auction!) and headed upstairs to the dining area to await the person designated to meet me at the airport. I was told to look for a person holding a Trixie Belden book. (Hey, this is starting to sound like a detective story!) I looked around but I didn't see anyone with a Trixie book, so I found an empty seat near the door and sat. As I waited, I looked around at the other diners again to see if I saw anyone who "looked" like a Trixie Fan, but that was hard to determine. (LOL) Finally, I spotted a person walking in holding a well-read Deluxe Edition of Secret of the Mansion. (Hey, a real Trixie fan!) I was the first to introduce myself as a Trixie Convention goer and was shocked when a few of the diners close to me said they were also with the convention!!! I guess I'm not a good detective after all. What I learned from this experience is that Trixie Belden fans look just like everyone else. It's what they TALK about that sets them apart! (ie. redheaded grooms, diamonds left in gatehouses, strawberry pincushions...) :-)

Tweety, Heather F., Jennifer, and Christina

Here is my first official picture of the trip. A very kind diner offered to take this picture so that I could be in it. From left to right is myself (Tweety), Heather, Jennifer, (holding the Deluxe Trixie #1) and Christina at the airport restaurant counter where we met.

Annette, the auctioneer

Lining up to purchase our books at the auction

Annette was a great Auctioneer!