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Trixie Belden Convention 2000--Tweety's Page
Sunnyside/Sleepy Hollow


Friday Night-- Arrival and Book Auction
All Around Sleepyside
Crabapple Farm
Dinner Saturday Night
Sunnyside/Sleepy Hollow
Now Our Bags Are Packed, We're Ready to Go...
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Sunnyside (from the back)

Christina, Steph, and Kellie

Rachele, Misty

Jennifer, Jewels, Katrina

Hilary, Paul, Gabi

Michellek, Mark, and Jenn

An impromtu game of frisbee on the the historical grounds of Sunnyside...

Shana (with Steph hidden behind her) and Diann

Christina, Diann, and Jenn


Cynthia with her video camera (Hi John!!!) and Heather behind her looking on.  Hi John!

Mark, Frisbee Player Extrordinaire!

Steph, waiting for a frisbee to fly her way

Heads up Misty, Shana's getting ready to throw!


The group getting ready to leave the grounds of Sunnyside

Jenn, Chris, Tour Guide, Marlene, Shana, Cheryl, Misty, Rachele, and Gabi

Heading out En Mass with Jennifer, Cynthia, Heather, Jewels, Steph, Laura (sitting down in far background), Katrina,  Amy, and Hilary

Christina, Kellie, Amanda, and Paul

The Tour Guide (AKA Miss Trask) waiting for all to board the bus and Katrina dancing in the background

Getting Ready to board the bus