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Trixie Belden Convention 2000--Tweety's Page
All Around Sleepyside


Friday Night-- Arrival and Book Auction
All Around Sleepyside
Crabapple Farm
Dinner Saturday Night
Sunnyside/Sleepy Hollow
Now Our Bags Are Packed, We're Ready to Go...
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Actually, these pictures were taken in and around the Ossining, N.Y. area.

Getting on the bus early Saturday morning

We met in the Lobby at the Hotel where we were introduced to our Tourguide (who looks exactly like our image of Miss Trask) and met the Trixie Fans arriving for Saturday's tour. From there we headed to the bus at around 9 am for our tour of Van Cortlandt Manor.

All Aboard!!

A shot from the front of the bus down to the back

Laura (off  to the side), Heather F., Jenn, Tweety, and Amy

Is this a Yellow Sweet Pea??

"Wimpy's" Diner!

Inside "Wimpy's"

Michellek, Katrina, Peggy, and Cynthia at Wimpy's!  (Well, some of us are happy about it)

Katrina does smile!

A shot of the Hudson River Marshland from the tour bus

The beautiful Hudson River

"Mr. Lytell's Store"

Another shot of Mr. Lytell's Store.  Notice the steps on the left--do they lead to the footpath near Mr. Maypenny's land?

"Sleepyside Junior/Senior High School"

One of my FAMOUS shots of the Glendale Road Sign

Tweety in front of the sign

Now that we're on "Glen" road, we're almost to Trixie's house.