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On the Scotland/Jamestown Ferry
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Friday morning, September 7, 2001

Trixie Belden Convention 2001 -- Tweety's Page

The Peacful Beach

Here is my artistic interpretation of what the beach looked like. At the end of the beach is the rock wall I sat near while I watched the crane-like bird on a sand bar.

We got off the bus at Jamestown with about an hour and a half to explore before we were to meet back at the bus. The first place we went was to a small beach. I fell in love with it!! While the rest of the group left to 'splore the rest of the island, I stayed on the beach and watched the birds and listened to the ocean. I must have stayed at the end of the beach a half hour or so when I decided I just HAD to get some batteries for my camera so that I could get some pictures of that beach! I went searching for a place to buy batteries but when I walked to the shop area I found that plans had been changed and we all had to get on the bus right away! I was determined to make my purchase so I stood in line for a long time BUT I was unable to go back to the beach for pictures. Sigh.....

Kate and Heather

Molly and Melanie on bridge

Seagull sitting

Seagulls getting a free ride at the front of the ferry

A Flock of Seagulls!!

Sue, Kyrie, and Mark

Tweety standing by lifesavers

Jamestown store with Mary, Kyrie, and Dana

Cynthia and Tweety on bridge

Group on bus heading for the ferry

Seagull "flying high high, what a feeling to fly over forests and mountains and seas..."

This group prefers to ride at the back of the ferry!

Claire, Heather, Barbara, Eric, with Jen in the background with camera

Molly breaking the "no sitting on the rail" rule!

Tweety at the back of the ferry