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The Picnic and the Slide Show
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Back at the hotel we head to our rooms and get ready for the afternoon. I went shopping with Barbara and I missed the whole swimming pool get together--so I haven't any pictures of that!

Trixie Belden Convention 2001 -- Tweety's Page

Heading up the stairs

Heather and Dana in the hallway where I chased them down for a picture!!

...And on to the picnic

Kelly at the picnic

Sue, Jennifer N., Kathy, Kelly, Lisa, Heather, and Lisa

This is the message that we saw on the monitor after we went up the stairs---Welcome Trixie Belden Fan Club!!

Heather M., Mark, and Cynthia chatting in hallway

Kyrie, Heather, Kate, Mark, Dana, Misty, and Bonnie (Hey--what's hidden under that red cup??)

Tweety, Ann, Barbara, Claire, and Mary

Jennie, Mark, Sylvia, Cynthia, Nancy, and Melanie

We all met together Friday Night for a presentation by Melanie Knight, the author of Schoolgirl Shamus.

Melanie showing the slide of "Bobby" getting bitten by a snake

Here is the slide of "Trixie" sucking the snake venom out of "Bobby's" leg

Meeting Room Sign

Part of the Trixie group during the lecture

Jen C., Eric, and Sue laughing it up!