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The Plantation Tours
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Sunday, September 9, 2001

Trixie Belden Convention 2001 -- Tweety's Page

Getting on the bus early in the morning


Walking up to the Shirley Plantation

The "Flying Staircase"

Molly and Bonnie viewing a portrait

A huge old tree


Berkeley Plantation Manor

Group shot by white gate (No, Molly is NOT taller than Eric;  she is standing on a brick ledge!!)

Jixemitri Writers Group by white gate

The site of the first Thanksgiving

A sign

A Gazebo

Jennifer N., Bonnie, and Cynthia on the bus

Group entering the Shirley Plantation

Group in large room with paintings

Sue, Sylvia, Gabi, and Jennie with a bowl (what it's used for escapes me just now)

Tweety by a Grandfather Clock

Inside the Berkeley Manor

Anne, Heather, and Kelly petting a cat

Heather and Lisa

A facsimile of a ship

The initials of the owners, Benjamin Harrison IV and his wife, Anne, appear in a datestone over a side door.

Could this be the place where Ben Riker goes when he's in the "dog house"?

We had lunch at The Coach House Tavern on the grounds of the Berkeley Plantation

An inside shot of the Coach House Tavern