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The Mystery Dinner
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...or "Because Trixie Says So!"

Saturday Night, September 8, 2001

Trixie Belden Convention 2001 -- Tweety's Page

A beautiful picture of Cynthia and Mary in the hotel lobby  (I don't know about those eerie-looking lights in the background that look like glowing eyes!!!)

We spotted one of the Cowhands --Oh wait, that's Eric!!

The group meeting in the lobby of the hotel before going to the Mystery Dinner Playhouse

Group in lobby

Jen C., Lisa, Lisa, and Mark

Mark, Heather M., Anne, Cynthia, Misty, and Jen C.

Claire and friend

Kathy, Kelly, Lisa, and Heather

Lisa and Heather trying to concentrate on eating as the mystery goes on around them

Sylvia, Cynthia, a carefully posed Heleva, and Kathy

Kelly and Mark look on as Lisa takes a photo of Blutus and Heather

The group looks on as one of our group becomes part of the show!

After the show Misty poses with Ralph the Eunic while Blutus horns in

At the end of dinner everyone was asked to write down who was behind the murder and why? I wrote down my guess (which I won't include here for obvious reasons) and also included the words "BECAUSE TRIXIE SAYS SO!" When the time came to pick the winner, they put all the correct answers together and drew out one name to win a prize. Unfortunately for me, they also had a WORST answer of the night which embarrassingly enough turned out to be mine! I visibly cringed as they read my answer out loud and the only upside was when they came to the cryptic words "BECAUSE TRIXIE SAYS SO!" As soon as they read the puzzling (to them) words, the two tables of Trixie fans let out a deafening cheer!!

Mr. T/Blutus glares at me for taking pictures while Cynthia and Kathy look on!

Cynthia, Kathy, and Kelly with Blutus in background

Kelly, Lisa, and Heather with Ralph behind them

Heleva, Kelly, and Lisa

Kelly, Lisa, Heather, and Mark look on as Blutus gives trouble to another diner

Here is our own Bonnie helping out in the entertainment!!

Here I am showing off the cup that I won

The Prize